To the foot of Mont Rougemont

The Camping Au Pied Du Mont is located to the foot of one of the 8 monteregian hills, the Mount Rougemont, who is classified among the inescapable natural wealths of our region. Of these eight mounts, it is the one to have been best kept at the natural state what makes an unique site of it for the full-air. The Mount Rougemont is ideal for the hike in mountain. We find on the Mount Rougemont a big lake in its center and to the summit, a magnificent cross.

The Mount Rougemont has been named thus in honor of Sieur Étienne of Rougemont, captain of the Regiment of Carignan to his arrival in News-France in 1665.

In 1952, a bishop called Mgr Arthur Douville makes erect a cross of 85 feet of top by 40 feet of large to the summit of the Mount Rougemont to commemorate the 100th birthday of the St-Hyacinthe diocese. This one was replaced by another, illuminated this time in 1978 following the downfall due to the wind of the previous.

The Camping as oneself knows it today was not always. On the contrary, in the middle of the seventies, we found rather a skiing station to the foot of the mountain that included some sites where the travelers could camp. This one didn’t include a big number of tracks but was all of the less provided of a chair lift. The present building of the communal room of the Camping Au Pied Du Mont sheltered in these times the chalet of the station where all and each was going to warm itself and to take a rest between two coming down while taking a coffee or a hot chocolate.

Then, with the passing of the years, the Camping Au Pied Du Mont took shape, leaning against a superb mountain to every season and bidder to its fervid campers an extraordinary view on the Mount-Saint-Hilaire. It is in 1998 that the present owners made the acquirement of the camping to make this restful space that we knows today of it.