Visitors Regulations


The curfew is set at 11pm every day. All visitor must leave the camping before the curfew. All camper must be on their land at curfew.


Pets are allowed on the camping at condition that they are on a leach at all time. They must be calm and not disrupt peace on the perimeter. Each camper are responsable of his pet action.


The Camping speed limit is 8 km/h and the code of road safety must be observe at all time.

Alcohol and Drugs

No alcohol abuse will be tolerated. All form of drug are strictly forbidden on the camping.

Visitors and Registration

All visitor must register before entering the site. If the visitor want to sleep on the camping, he must previously pay for every staying night. On the contrary, all visitor must leave before the curfew.

Garbage service

Garbage must be wrap in a plastic bag et place inside the container located at the entrance of the camp.

Swimming Pool

No children under seven (7) year old will be allowed in the pool if isn’t accompany by an adult at all time.


Only the car are allowed on the camp. VTT are prohibited.


Each tenant must park his car on they land and in a way to not block the street.